Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Child and His Choice in Music

The #1 song of 2013 was named “Blurred Lines”. With lyrics like “I know you want it but you're a good girl. The way you grab me, must wanna get nasty” and “you the hottest  b---- in this place”, it’s enough to make a mom want to take a hammer to all the iPods in the house.

According to Arbitron.com, 72 million people listen to Pop radio weekly, 30% of those being females between the ages of 12 and 18. That is 21.6 million teenage girls. So, how is it the most listened to and requested song of this past year, suggestively questioning sexual consent and possibly encouraging rape, was so popular?

It is easy to be appalled, of course, as a mother of a preteen daughter and a preteen and teen son. Granted, it does not seem that long ago I was a teenager listening to music on the radio that only now seems inappropriate. In my day it was Color Me Badd with lyrics like “let me take off all your clothes” and BBD’s “me and the crew used to do her”. However, in 2013 half of the top 10 songs of the year included strong sexual references whereas in 1990 only one top 10 song included sexually obvious lyrics.

What is our obligation to our children when it comes to music? What do we do as parents? Is giving them the freedom to make their own choices the right path to take and trust their judgment or should we be active in this part of their life and make the choices that are best for them when it comes to music?

There it is. Right there.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Abandonment Issues...

I left the blogging community for a while as you may have noticed. Oh, okay. For over a year. I didn't feel that I was reaching very many but honestly, that is not the reason to or not to blog. So I return from my pitiful hiatus and make no promises but that I will be happy if there are just a few of you who take the time to read and comment to this blog.
It has been a busy year, being a wife to a full time college student-husband, mother to three growing-way-too-quickly kids, volunteer and friend. It has had many ups and thankfully, even less downs. I can imagine yours has been the same. I am going to address more issues about family, health, faith and life and would love for you to chime in as often as you would like in this ongoing conversation between virtual friends.
Blogging in January: My Child and His Choice in Music. Ugh.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School... Already!

Hard to believe but a quick milk run to your local Walmart will confirm that we are already at the end of summer and the kids will be back in school soon. What was your favorite activity this summer? Was it a daycation or maybe a long getaway someplace far from home? We would love to hear your best memory from these past few months.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Budget Friendly 20 Outdoor family activities

Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Take a walk on the wild side and stage a nature scavenger hunt. Head out to your favorite forest, desert, swamp or prairie and see who can find everything on the list first!

Make sidewalk art. Grab a bag of colorful chalk (or make your own sidewalk chalk!) and head outside. Everyone from babies to mom and dad will have a blast creating their own colorful universe.
Have a car wash. You can still have fun while taking care of household chores. Head out to the garage and soap up your car with the help of the whole family. Make sure everyone wears bathing suits because this is bound to be a sudsy affair!

Plant a garden. Been dying to plant a garden but can’t find the time? Summer is the perfect time to break ground with all your favorite helpers around. For extra fun, try planting a butterfly garden and enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous creatures all summer long.

Have a block party. Gather up your neighbors and head to the streets. Bounce houses, barbecue, music, games… It will definitely be a summer to remember.

Go bird watching. Grab some binoculars and a favorite bird book and head for your local forest. How many birds can you find in an hour? The race is on.

Build an obstacle course. Do you have a bunch of old boxes and other weird things clogging up your garage? How about taking all those random items out back and staging an obstacle course for the whole family. Grab a stopwatch and see who can make it through the fastest.

Have a water balloon fight. Sun beating down and looking for a way to cool off? How about filling up some water balloons and having the water balloon fight of the century?

Take a family hike. Don’t let the hot weather keep you indoors. Go exploring your favorite natural spot together as a family.

Fly kites. Keep an eye out for those windy days. They are perfect for kite flying. For extra fun, try making your own homemade kite.

Go on a bug safari. You don’t have to go far to go on a bug safari. Creep around in your backyard and see all the amazing things that live right there beneath your feet.

Have a bike parade. Invite the neighborhood gang over for a bike parade. Bust out the art supplies and give everyone a chance to decorate their bike with flags, streamers and more. When you are finished, parade around the neighborhood for everyone to see.

Go puddle jumping. Don’t let those rainy days get you down. Have everyone throw on a pair of galoshes and some old clothes and head outside. Your kids will be overjoyed when they find out you’re actually encouraging them to jump in all the puddles.

Take a night hike. It's summertime! Don't be afraid to break curfew and live life on the edge. Grab some flashlights and take a night hike, either just around your neighborhood or, even better, at your local nature preserve. Listen for all the sounds you hear only a night and keep at eye out for interesting night critters. Make sure to bring a few blankets also. After your hike, everyone will enjoy a few moments relaxing under the stars in the open sky.

From:  http://dailydelights.sheknows.com/articles/823945/summer-fun-20-outdoor-family-activities

Thursday, June 7, 2012

So there's this thing called Summer Loss...

I noticed this with my kids when they were younger and when I decided to homeschool we began school year round to negate summer loss. My children do workbook and online studies for 30 minutes a day and reading for 30 minutes to an hour a day during the week through the summer. You can read more about it here.




Monday, May 14, 2012

Here we are... Summer is around the bend like a teenage boy with a water gun about to soak his little sister. Share some of your ideas to keep the family cool during the upcoming boiler.